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Concealability & Accessibility

How ABDO Works

Discreetly hung from a belt or inside a purse, The ABDO™ looks like a cell phone and is concealment in plain view. A new and innovative way to conceal carry. This simple and unique device offers fast and easy concealed carry at your fingertips. Check back soon for other variations including a portable first aid kit, emergency survival kit, Molle Trauma pack, quick access snake bite kit and much more. Also coming soon is The Smart ABDO™, incorporating GPS / WiFi communication, remote access / control, electronic locking / tracking, audible alarm, remote app interface and much more.

Will My Gun Fit?

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Will My Gun Fit?

We have tested several guns and will continue to test more as we move along. The following "fit list" contains the pistols that we have found to fit and will be updated as we find more.
External: Height/Length: 6.25" x Width: 4.25", Depth: 1 1/8" & Depth with Clip: 1 1/2"
Internal: Corner Width: 3 7/8", Center Width: 3 5/8", Depth: 3/4"
(Scroll down for high resolution diagram)

  • Fit List
  • NOTE: The Sig Sauer® P238 WILL NOT FIT
    Pico Beretta®
    Diamondback® DB380
    Kel-tec® P-3AT
    Ruger® LCP
    Ruger® LCP II
    Seecamp® 32
    North American Arms® Guardian .380 & .32
    Smith and Wesson® Bodyguard
    Taurus® 738 TCP .380acp (Multiple Models)
  • .

*All names and/or likenesses of the firearms listed in the “Fit List” are property of their respective owners. The listing of their names is not intended to represent an endorsement by the manufacturer or any of its subsidiaries nor is it meant to represent an endorsement of the firearm by EAA Corp / USSG.

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 ABDO Internal Measurements ABDO Front External Dimensions ABDO Side External Dimensions

See ABDO in Action

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How Does ABDO Work?

The ABDO discreetly hangs from your belt or inside of a purse and with just a quick swipe of the thumb, your firearm is readily accessible.

View the ABDO™ User Manual

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The SMART ABDO® brings concealed carry into the "Smart" age by taking features that are traditionally found in devices such as a cell phone or laptop and integrating them into a portable concealed carry firearm safe. Keeping all of the features that make the basic ABDO® such an innovative carry device, the SMART version takes it a step further by adding functionality that includes GPS tracking, remote locking/unlocking, self aware alarm system to automatically lock when removed from the belt without authorization and much more.

Watch The SMART ABDO™ Demo


The SMART ABDO® is not yet available for purchase but will be released later this year. That doesn't mean you have to wait though. By purchasing the basic version today, you'll get the chance to practice the core features of ABDO™ (ie fast firearm presentation using the quick-latch system, concealment in plain sight). All owners of the ABDO™ basic version will receive something special on the SMART ABDO™ launch day too. So, purchase and ABDO™ basic version by clicking the "BUY NOW" button below or read more about SMART ABDO™ HERE

The SMART ABDO® is officially for sale! Click the button below to purchase yours today!

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