ABDOfly Mini-Recon Drone

office ABDOfly is the newest addition to the ABDO® LE lineup. This compact drone doubles as a smartphone case and can be deployed in a matter of seconds.

In the field, intel equals safety and ABDOfly allows an officer to gather intel from previously inaccessible areas. No more blind corners or surprises from above, simply deploy the ABDOfly mini recon drone and see potential threats via the real-time FPV stream. 

AEE drones; built to work, not play.  

ABDOfly is manufactured by AEE Technology. AEE produces high definition action cameras and industrial strength recon drones, designed to perform in even the toughest environments. Law enforcement and military grade drones from AEE give today's LEOs the support and advantage they need to stay effective, and safe, while in the field.

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