*LEAKED* Smart ABDO™ Spy Photos

We received an email about a possible Smart ABDO™ sighting with some pretty detailed photos and a run down detailing a demonstration of its capabilities...

(The suspected Smart ABDO™) 
Smart ABDO™ Spy Photo

 We received an email about a possible Smart ABDO™ sighting with some pretty detailed photos and a run down detailing a demonstration of its capabilities. If this is the test version of the newest concealed carry safe from EAA Corp, we're chomping at the bit to get our hands on the live version. Here are some excerpts from the email:

I saw someone carrying this into a meeting last week and thought it was a new case for the [cellphone name removed]. I have a [cellphone name removed] so I asked him about it. Turns out it was a test version of the Smart ABDO so I shot some pictures and asked him all about it. He said that he couldn't give me too many details but he did show me a little bit of what it could do.

 Smart ABDO™ Spy Photo

The top row on the front are buttons and he typed in a sequence to do different things like lock/unlock and set it for what he called "fast access mode". He also used an app on his cell phone to do some of the same things.

Smart ABDO™ Spy Photo Buttons

In [fast access] mode, he clipped it on his belt and showed me that he had access to his pistol via the slide on the top. Then, he had me attempt a snatch and run scenario. As soon as I took it from his belt, it locked and made an audible beep. Then, the beep got louder and he showed me a message on his phone. The ABDO had notified him that it was taken and showed a pinpoint on the map of where it could be found. The whole time, the alarm was going off and I wasn't able to get into the safe to get his gun. 

Smart ABDO™ Spy Photos Latch

Then, he just pressed his code again, the alarm stopped and he was able to open it up.

Smart ABDO™ Spy Photo Open

Next, he showed me why he doesn't worry if he leaves it at home. He typed another code in, set it on the table and stepped back. The ABDO beeped and locked. He said "go ahead and move it", so I did. The alarm immediately sounded and he got another message on his phone saying that his ABDO had been moved and was being tracked. He pulled up a map and could see real time updates of the location.

left angle

This thing was crazy. I mean, it basically looks like a cellphone case and it lets you carry your pistol while essentially eliminating the worry of someone snatching your gun and using it. I'll be the first in line to upgrade to the smart version on the day it comes out. I hope he doesn't lose his job over this leak but it was too cool not to share.

It sounds like there's going to be some ground-breaking features packed into the Smart ABDO™  while staying true to its mission of "concealed carry in plain sight". There is still no official launch date but based on the looks of this test version, I'd say it's going to be soon and if this leak is true, Smart ABDO™ definitely is "The Future of Concealed Carry". 

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