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ABDO® Drone - AEE MACH 1

ABDO® is proud to announce that the AEE MACH 1 camera drone is now available for purchase!


Only $279 for a limited time!
PLUS a FREE HOLSTER (while supplies last)
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The MACH 1 is a compact, portable drone featuring a high definition 4k camera capable of recording at 30 frames per second. GPS and GLONASS positioning make the MACH 1 a breeze to fly in "GPS Positioning" mode, while optical and infrared sensors allow for smooth flight when GPS signal is blocked or unavailable (ie flying indoors), by switching to "Optical Flow Positioning" mode. MACH 1 is controllable via a smartphone app interface (Android® 4.3+ and Apple iOS® 8.0+) and/or the included controller. 


  • Sony® HQ image sensor takes stunning video at 4K and 13MP pictures!
  • Comes bundled with wireless remote controller for easy and fun flying!
  • Long Battery life up to 16 Mins
  • Up to 300 ft range
  • Quiet Neighborhood-Friendly Props
  • Qualcomm™ Flight, a powerful processing intelligent chip acts as the central brain of the drone.
    • Improves flight accuracy
    • Improves connectivity to mobile devices like smartphones
    • Integrated camera ISP for superior imaging experience
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