Smart ABDO™ Preview



 SHOT SHOW 2016 is underway and we brought a working prototype of the upcoming Smart ABDO™ with us. If you're at the show, swing by our booth #16149 to see it live but if you're not one of the lucky ones with a golden ticket to the show, we've still got you covered. We recently stretched the Smart ABDO™'s legs at our headquarters and decided to film this short preview video. In the video you'll get to see some of the incredible smart features in action. You'll see the locking mechanism, the fast-access mode with auto-lock to combat snatch and grab theft, the new Android app and even the self-aware notification system that sends a message right to your phone when your armed ABDO™ is moved. Check it out below or on Youtube and let us know what you think. [Read More on]

ABDO™, The Future of Concealed Carry.

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Remember: You don't have to wait for the Smart ABDO™ to get started with this innovative concealed carry device, pick up an ABDO™ Basic version today, then upgrade when the new version is released. Basic ABDO™ owners will be receiving something special on Launch day. So, if you do not yet own the Basic ABDO™, you may go here to purchase yours today.


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