Smart ABDO™ Stars in "Away Mode"

ABDO™ Concealed Carry Safe

See one of the many ways that ABDO™ brings concealed carry and safe firearm storage into the digital age in the newest video from EAA Corp.

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NRA's American Rifleman The basic version of ABDO™ hit the market sometime last year and has been featured in articles such as this one on NRA's Website (Scroll to the bottom), but now Smart ABDO™ brings this innovative concealment device into the digital age by adding features typically found only in high end electronics (like laptops and smartphones) to a holster-like portable safe. When worn on the belt like a holster, ABDO™ allows for an uncanny fast draw without losing the security of a personal firearm safe. In the video below, you'll see one of the most innovative features in action, dubbed "Away Mode". By entering your chosen personal security code into the keypad, you can set ABDO™ to monitor for any movement or unauthorized attempts at accessing your firearm. If either is detected, ABDO™ sends a fully encrypted SMS message to your paired smartphone and alerts you of the attempted breach. As an added layer of security, if the optional integrated GPS is active, ABDO™ also sends a link containing the location of the event and allows you to track its movement.

 See ABDO's "Away Mode" in action in the short video below.

ABDO™ Video

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Remember: You don't have to wait for the Smart ABDO™ to arrive to get started with this innovative concealed carry device, pick up an ABDO™ Basic version today, then upgrade when the new version is released. Basic ABDO™ owners will be receiving something special on Launch day. So, if you do not yet own the Basic ABDO™, you may go here to purchase yours today.

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