The highly anticipated release of EAA Corp’s Smart ABDO™ is within reach.   FOR NRA MEMBERS ONLY,   EAA is releasing a limited quantity of pre-orders. A *pre-authorization of $50 will get you a spot on the list. Then, prior to shipping, EAA Corp will contact you to pay the remaining balance. In addition to exclusive access, EAA is also running a special price for anyone that pre-orders now, saving you big time money!
*Pre-authorization means that the bank will hold the funds for up to 30 days but we will not fully process your payment until your ABDO™ is ready to ship and we call you. Cancel anytime before shipping.


Exclusive NRA Pre-order Price of $299 $249, only $50 authorization today!

preorder Smart ABDO

 *Only $50 down to reserve your Smart ABDO™ today. The remaining balance is due prior to shipping. 

The Future is Now, ABDO

 We're releasing a limited number of Smart ABDO™concealed carry devices for pre-order, exclusively to NRA members.

Not only are NRA members the first to be able to pre-order the future of concealed carry but we're also going to lower the price for a limited time as well. Pre-order the Smart ABDO™ and lock in your price of only $249 today. Once the pre-order is over, the price WILL GO UP. We'll simply authorize your card for $50 today to reserve your device and when it's ready to ship, we'll call you to process the payment. 

As you know Smart ABDO™ is the only connected, concealed carry device, with built in wifi, GSM (cellphone network) and GPS. Be among the first to carry this game changing device.

Remember this is a limited time AND limited quantity offer. Once our released stock is reserved, that's it so don't sleep on this deal. Click the button to order today!

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