Sneak Peek: ABDO™ L3 Holster

Sneak Peek at EAA’s Upcoming Level III “Smart” Holster for LEO and Military use.
(Images are purely representational and may not reflect the final form or functionality)

Over the years, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that the term “innovative” becomes synonymous with EAA. We continue that mission with our latest product and here’s a “sneak peek” to show you what we mean.

Last year, we opened up the world of personal safety and concealed carry by releasing the basic version of our portable-safe firearm concealment device named ABDO™. Then, we took that to the next level by introducing a “smart” version of this innovative device. The smart version added safety and security technology like self-aware alarm systems, optional GPS tracking, GSM/Wifi connection, electronic pin pad and smart phone integration to this portable, fast access device. Now, we’re bringing all of this and more to the LEO and Military communities.

Introducing, the Smart ABDO™ Level III Holster. This device takes all of the technology from our civilian Smart ABDO™ and packs in even more tech, geared toward professional use. Check out the tabs below to catch a sneak peek and a basic overview of what you can look forward to in this groundbreaking product.

As you can see, the Smart ABDO™ Level III Holster intends to be more than just another piece of passive equipment; ABDO™ will be an active agent in the safety of the user.

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