SMART ABDO™ with Medical Insert

Notifications When You Need Them

SMART ABDO™ with Medical Insert has a slew of smart features designed to help you maintain a regular medication schedule for you or your loved ones. If you or your loved ones miss a scheduled dose, ABDO™ will send a text notification via SMS to the designated contact allowing them to follow up. You can even set a medical professional or home care assistant to receive the notifications as an added measure. Smart ABDO™ with Medical Insert can help alleviate common reasons for missing the schedule, as well. An audible reminder alarm let's you know when it's time to access the medicine and a mechanical single access door system limits access to only the current dose. If the ABDO™ is misplaced, you can remotely activate the "find my ABDO™" feature via the dedicated smart app. Smart ABDO™ will then beeb audibly until found. This allows you or your loved ones to find the device, even if you're away. In addition to the locate feature, you can also remotely unlock the device via the smart app, giving your loved one access, from anywhere, if needed.

These are just a few of the incredible features packed into the new Smart ABDO™ with Medical Insert. Watch the video below to see some of these features in action as her Father forgets to take his scheduled medication.

Smart ABDO™ With Medical Insert


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